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Things to know before you buy a lady Gouldian finch.

Getting Started with Gouldian Finches

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Like most pets, it isn’t too expensive to get started with finches. What is important is to buy the right gear: The cage, the food, and other accessories can make or break your experience with Gouldians. Let’s take a look…

Gouldian Finch Quarantine Protocol

I get so many questions about quarantine practices, I decided to make a post to refer you to. Quarantine is necessary at 2  times: when a bird is ill/injured or suspected to be ill, and when a new one comes…

Can I put my Gouldian with my >>>?

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You may have purchased your Gouldian finches thinking that you could put them in the same cage as your other birds. You may have hookbills, finches, or a combination. You may have an aviary, and you’re thinking that’d be an awesome place for a few Goulds. But Lady Gouldian finches are very calm, quiet birds and don’t do well as cage mates for just everyone.