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Getting started with breeding Gouldians – why are they different from other finches?

Why Your Gouldian Finches Won’t Breed

Parent Gouldians with baby

You can’t force birds to be ready to breed; there are internal systems that have to be prepared, and external cues that tell them it’s time. Don’t be too hasty to breed them; enjoy your birds while improving their overall health, and you’ll

My Hen is Egg Bound! Now What?

Hen feeding baby finch

You’ve just found an egg bound hen. In other words, you found her sitting on the cage floor, maybe with her wings spread, or some other position that makes you know something is wrong. Let’s go ahead and assume it’s an egg.

Seasons of the Gouldian Finch (part 2)

  Missed Part 1? Go here Pre-breeding Diet At this point, the finches have (hopefully) lost excess fat and spent time flying in aviaries or large cages to become stronger. It’s time to get them ready for breeding. That means…

Seasons of the Gouldian Finch…(Part 1)

…and whether we’re going to follow them When keeping animals, it’s always a question whether we’re going to follow the “in the wild” habitat as closely as possible, or are we going to do our own thing. After all, they…