Caution: This Recipe Can Kill Your Birds

I often get asked questions about sick birds, and I suggest getting a diagnosis and prescription from the veterinarian. But then the person in question wants to do “more.”

It is very hard to wait the  48 hours or so that it takes to start seeing improvement. I get that. There are a few things you can do to support the bird during this time (here is one).

But recently someone wanted to use a home remedy, and my eyes were wide open when I read it.

There are so-called “recipes” for sick birds on the Internet that claim to take the place of professionally made products like Thrive or Guardian Angel. Most involve sugar or molasses. Do NOT use these for your finch/canary/budgie/cockatiel. All these species are very susceptible to yeast, and that’s what you’ll be setting up for if you do this.

Just spend the few dollars for the right product. it will last forever, and it’s been tested and proven safe for pet birds.









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